Testimonials 2021 – 2022

December 14th, 2021 – Lisa, mom of Elani age 7, JR prep Onyx

Hi! – I would like to say Thank you!!
day 1 Elani just wanted to be on a cheer team, off we go for a class tryout and we see she could not do a cartwheel correctly, front roll was not decent and her stance was weak. We had asked if we can just move her down a class so she can learn the basics then move to a prep team and we were told she would be ok on Onyx.
The following months we had plenty of tears. Driving 25 minutes there she would have anxiety, then meltdown when we got there then miss the following day of school because she was sore lol.
Coaches were at times frustrated with Elani because of tears or because of how she would not stand strong as a flyer. I know they didn’t know she had never been in this position nor a cheer team, I also understood with this type of foundation a cheer coach must be firm at all levels for the safety of our girls.
Here we are 5 months later and she has transformed into a very strong willed, sometimes too cocky, happy, great self esteem little girl. I never imagined how much growth she has done till Saturday. Thank you!
We had 13 family members show up and all were left speechless. We are very grateful we didn’t choose a neighborhood cheer team and that we found AZ FORCE.
Please share out thanks to all coaches who have put their time into Onyx. We have a new found love and respect for this sport and we truly know she is where she is supposed to be. She now watches YouTube cheer routines and wants to be the best flyer she could be!


December 12, 2021 – Nikki, mom of Bella age 12 – Senior Sapphires

We couldn’t be more proud of our baby girl! This little Mermaid Princess works her booty off and loves it, she gives cheer her absolute all! Her dedication is undeniable and her pure love for cheer radiates off of her, not only on the mat, but, anytime she even speaks about it!!! Her Daddy & I are beyond grateful for the company we/she elected for her to attend. AZ All Stars is the real deal: a TRUE competitive cheer gym that is completely professional, holds these kids accountable, pushes them to do their best, acknowledges their success, gives them room to grow and promote and doesn’t tolerate drama. We have been in the cheer world off and on since Bella could join at 4 years old and I have never witnessed her be so happy, make so many good friends and have so much confidence it sparkles! I personally have never been happier to spend the money, sit in the parking lot for two hours after the two and a half hour round trip drive twice a week all thanks to everyone at AZ All Stars!